About Us

Church FamilyOur community here at CBC is comprised of people from a variety of different backgrounds, ages and stages. Some of us are new to the journey of faith while others have a rich Christian heritage. There is always lots going on here, and the many kids, youth and adults engaged in connecting with God and each other on a Sunday morning help create an environment that is both energetic and enjoyable.

Church is not for perfect people, but rather for people who need help: help in understanding who God is and how he wants us to live, help in experiencing the joy and hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ, and help in building relations with important people in their lives, both in their homes and in the wider community. As a community of people we together seek the help of a God who loves us and also seek to help each other.

So thanks for taking the time to learn more about CBC, a growing church in the wonderful small town of Emo, Ontario. We hope that as you explore this website you will get a broad glimpse of who we are – everyday people seeking to grow in our love for Christ, His church, and our community.